Meet Tony Frisella

Tony Frisella Jr, is the third generation of Frisella Nursery, one of the top landscape companies in St. Louis and the largest garden center in the St. Louis area. He has been working at his family’s company since he was old enough to hold a shovel and he is now known for his enthusiastic approach to landscape design.


  • Low Taxes
  • Public Safety 
  • Economic development 
  • Preservation and remediation of our natural resources

I stand for…

personal freedom

personal property rights

police & first responders

your tax dollars being wisely spent

improving infrastructure & public services

small businesses & our community

protecting natural resources


Why I want to be involved…

As a husband, a father and as a business owner I believe it is important to have a voice for other similar constituents in our district that is literally doing life as one can closely relate. I believe that it is important for younger generations to get involved. Many people use the term “too busy” as an excuse to not get involved and many people are starting to realize the importance of our local government & policies.

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