Meet Tony Frisella

Tony Frisella Jr is a conservative and like many from St. Charles, he was born and raised in North St. Louis County. Tony is the President of Frisella Nursery, a 70 year old household name for gardeners and luxury landscapes. He grew up on the tree farms and working with the crews is where he learned the value of hard-work and team work. Tony is a visionary and has a passion for whatever and whoever he commits too. He is a husband to Christine Frisella and Father to Luca 8, Arlo 6, and Theo 2.  He is committed to daily personal development with fitness, critical thinking, relationships, and serving those he is privileged to lead. At the end of the day Tony is lead by his faith and his belief in something bigger than himself and all of us. 

Tony’s Hobbies:

  • Physical health and wellness
  • Working on personal development
  • Networking with peers
  • Going to Kinetic Park with his boys
  • Traveling with his family

My Beliefs:

I believe the government should not be a burden on its people.

I believe wasteful spending needs to be removed and the money not just reappropriated. 

I believe we need more representation of the business community and entrepreneurship as this is the driving force of the economy both locally and nationally.

I believe we should have had a more clear response to COVID-19 and a stronger stance for personal freedom. 

I believe that with the rapid growth of St. Charles County we need to be assessing our planning more frequently to ensure we can preserve the beauty our county is known for and properly keep up with the services that need to be provided for this growth.

I believe in being smart with our natural resources when it comes to development and work to remediate what are losing. 

I believe that we need younger representation on the county council to better align with the growing families in our community. 

I believe citizens need to take a more active role in our government. 

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