I stand for

  • personal freedom
  • personal property rights
  • police & first responders
  • family and values
  • good stewardship of our communities resources
  • your tax dollars being spent responsibly & the removal of wasteful spending
  • preservation of natural resources
  • maintaining & improving infrastructure and public services
  • small business & community

Why I want to be involved…

As a husband, a father and as a business owner I believe it is important to have a voice for other similar constituents in our district that is literally doing life as one can closely relate. I believe that it is important for younger generations to get involved. Many people use the term “too busy” as an excuse to not get involved and many people are starting to realize the importance of our local government & policies.

  • I believe that we need younger representation to better align with growing the families in our community.
  • I believe we need representation of the business community and entrepreneurship.
  • I believe we should have a more clear response to COVID-19 and promotions of personal and professional rights.
  • I believe district 3 is undergoing a lot of deforestation for development and more can be done to remediate what we are losing.
  • I believe local government matters but is ignored by a majority of citizens.
  • I believe in being smart with our natural resources when it comes to development and remediation of what we lose.

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